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Dear all,

I've pushed two fontpackages releases lately.


This version is the product of a major refactoring of repo-font audit to make
it generally useful to the individual font packager. You can use it on a local
yum repo to QA your own packages before publishing them more widely. It is
also able to generate maintainer nagmails. However, no new tests were added in
this version.

1.28 is considered very stable and has been pushed to F-11. As a side-effect,
that means fontpackages-devel in F-11 is now up-to-date regarding all the
fontconfig templates written in the past 8 months (last fontpackages pushed to
F-11 was 1.20).


This version adds fontconfig script coverage and unicode block coverage tests
to repo-font-audit (any package that contains a font file that needs less than
10 glyphs to cover a new script or block will be flagged). Interestingly many
fonts fail the script coverage test while passing the unicode block one, which
seems to imply most font authors are not aware they're only missing a few
glyphs to cover more scripts, and be useful in more regions. Please relay
those failures upstream.

1.29 also adds fontlint to the test list. Since fontlint is very strict and
would reject pretty much every font in Fedora if left alone, I've used the
highly scientific method of filtering out the most common errors to limit the
test failures (on the grounds that if a large number of fonts do the same
mistakes, apps had to learn how to cope with it). If I should filter something
else, feel free to argue your case on the list. I'm not 100% sure my filtering
is perfect, just that it's good enough for a first try.

Those three new tests will flag many more font files than previously, so
expect new error reports. The coverage tests should be pretty solid. I'm less
sure about fontlint. However, since after filtering fonts fail fontlint for
many different reasons, I'm afraid those are real bugs and reflect poor FLOSS
font QA (SIL fonts pass fontlint with colors, so it is achievable).

1.29 has been pushed to F-12 and devel. It will be used in the next rawhide
test run (probably by the end of the month).

Nicolas Mailhot

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