Re: bitmap-fonts by default?

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Le Mer 30 septembre 2009 16:35, Qianqian Fang a écrit :
> Jens Petersen wrote:
>> We have been looking at updating bitmap-fonts recently,
>> and noticed that it is still listed mandatory in the comps
>> @base-x group.
>> So I just wondered a couple of naive questions:
>> - does bitmap-fonts have to be installed by default?
>> - what actually needs it?
> anything before X may still need bitmap fonts, don't they?

The problem is, we have a lot of stuff installed by default in base-x because
something "may" use it (even though no one actually checked that was still the

IMHO default packages in default groups should have a clear user, or be
downgraded to optional.

Nicolas Mailhot

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