Re: can Libertine fonts be embedded in non-gpl application?

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On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 12:40 PM, <nicolas.mailhot@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well none of us are lawyers here, and you should not rely on anything
written on a public mailing list when there is a risk of a trial. And when
the wording of a license is unclear, there is definitely one.

If I had to embed a font in an application I certainly wouldn't start with
a GPL font but look at Droid or another font with lax licensing (though
the licensing would need to be double-checked too).

I thought about Droid, but it talks about using OpenType features and I was planning on using freetype.  So, I'm open to using Droid, with its OFL license, but I'm not sure if it would render correctly using just freetype.
That, or ask the author of the font I selected for an explicit authorization.

That's kind of what led me here.  AFAIK Redhat is the license holder for the font.  I don't know who to contact at Redhat about this question.  All of the pointers that I found point to the Fedora Fonts SIG.
(BTW I sure hope no one is going to try the embedding trick in any app
Fedora ships, it's enough of a legal pain with detached files)

Heh, its not a problem on modern fedora. :)


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