Apple's font hinting patents are going to expire ... freefont-freeworld to Fedora?

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considering and (found through it seems that Apple's patents on the bytecode interpreter are going to expire sometime in October this year. So, I have two questions:

1) for fedora-legal: is it so?
2) for fedora-fonts: do we care? I had some problems to display Inconsolata, and after emailing with its upstream author, we came to the conclusion that missing bytecode interpreter and non-interpretation of hints could be in fault here. I have installed freefont-freeworld package and Inconsolata seems to be better now. Do we interpret hints in TrueType fonts at all? If not, and we are only auto-hinting, wouldn't freefont-freeworld (possibly with patches on cairo, pango, and related KDE libraries) made Fedora fonts looking better?


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