new release of lohit-fonts 2.4.3

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Hi All,

     Today i have build new tarball of lohit-fonts-2.4.3,There are major changes from a releasing point of view.

Changes are as follows:
now lohit is release as 2 tarball for each language:
example for hindi:

1) lohit-hindi-2.4.3.tar.gz
This is source tarball, it contains .sfd as well for generating ttf file from source.

2) lohit-hindi-ttf-2.4.3.tar.gz
It is binary tarball, it contains .ttf file, so if anyone want to use binary file directly he can use this.

Now in new release there are 32 tarballs 2 for each language(total 16 langauge)

also there is svnsnap release lohit-fonts-svnsnap-20090909.tar.gz, see for other files

advantage of doing this is that in future if there is some changes in Tamil, we can release only Tamil tar ball,
so there is no need to build other font unnecessary.

Thanks & Regards,
Pravin Satpute
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