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> Message du 24/08/09 12:16
> De : "Hedayat Vatankhah"
> A : "Fedora Fonts SIG ML"
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> Objet : Introduction
> Hi all,


> I'd like to package some Persian fonts (located in
> (some of them are explicitly
> covered by SIL license, others include a reference to GNU GPL in their
> .ttf files) and maybe some other fonts suitable for Persian. So, I
> decided to join Fedora Fonts SIG. :)
> I'm going to start going through the process of adding a new font
> package. Wish me luck! :P
Our Persian fonts are not awesome and they ll certainly need a motivated maintainer. Welcome !

I think you ll find out that slow and safe is better than fast and fail. Try to do it font by font checking with spot each time the font history and licensing is safe (that s difficult work but you only need to do it once per font)

Nicolas Mailhot

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