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While it's always nice to have another confirmation URW+ is OK with
those fonts being released, this is not the version of the fonts GUST
derived, and the version they did derive has contributions from other
persons under the GPL license.

Even ignoring the other contributions this mail states LPPL not the
simplified LPPL GUST is using.

So GUST is still redistributing fonts relicensed without authorisation.

Ironicaly this mail confirms the fonts were indeed always released under
the GPL by URW+, which was one argument advanced to 'justify' the
relicensing (as if having doubts about the license of a file was
sufficient to slap another on it).

I suppose now we'll see energy extended to re-derive the GS 4.0 version
of the fonts and purge any reason to use the licensing which has served
well the community for years.

This is all very sad.

Le dimanche 28 juin 2009 à 21:57 +0100, Dave Crossland a écrit :
> :)
> Regards, Dave
>         ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>         From: "Jerzy Ludwichowski" <Jerzy.Ludwichowski@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>         Date: 28 Jun 2009, 9:31 PM
>         Subject: LUG-boards: URW++ original 35 fonts available under
>         LPPL
>         To: "LUG boards" <lug-boards@xxxxxxxxxx>
>         Dear Friends,
>         please send out the message below to your members.
>         Regards,
>         Jerzy Ludwichowski
>         ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>         From: president@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jerzy B. Ludwichowski)
>         Subject: URW++ making original 35 fonts available under LPPL
>         I am forwarding the message below on behalf of Peter
>         Rosenfeld, Managing
>         Director of URW++, who has kindly agreed to make the basic 35
>         PostScript
>         fonts also available under the LPPL.  At his request, I'll be
>         disseminating the information throughout the TeX community.
>         Many thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld!
>         Many thanks are also due to Karl Berry, TUG President, for his
>         unswerving
>         support and advice and Bogus\{}aw Jackowski, lead TeX Gyre
>         developer,
>         for pushing the issue.
>         Best,
>         Jerzy
>         From: Peter Rosenfeld
>         Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 11:33:29 +0200
>         Subject: URW++ original 35 fonts available under LPPL
>         To whom it may concern,
>         Many years ago, URW++ Design and Development Inc. released
>         their
>         Type 1 implementations of the basic 35 PostScript fonts under
>         the
>         GNU General Public License and the Aladdin Ghostscript Free
>         Public
>         License.
>         We now additionally release them under the LaTeX Project
>         Public License
>         (, either version 1 or (at
>         your
>         option) any later version.
>         Of course, this additional licensing applies to the original
>         URW++
>         material, not any subsequent changes and additions made by
>         other
>         parties.
>         The original font files are widely available, for instance as
>         part of
>         the Ghostscript 4.00 release, and therefore we are not
>         releasing any new
>         font files.  Those interested can replace the license terms in
>         those
>         original files accordingly.  Responsibility for ensuring that
>         no
>         material is incorrectly licensed remains with the distributor,
>         as
>         always.
>         We hope this additional licensing will make our fonts even
>         more widely
>         available and usable in the free software community, such as
>         the TeX
>         Gyre Project.
>         Sincerely,
>         Peter Rosenfeld (Managing Director, URW++)

Nicolas Mailhot

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