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Dear sir,

As part of the automated sanity tests we run on the fonts shipped in
Fedora, we've detected that the following font files declare face
attributes a part of their font family name :

washrab.ttf	Ethiopic WashRa Bold, Bold
washrasb.ttf	Ethiopic WashRa SemiBold, Bold

To help applications manipulate them, they should be fixed to declare:

washrab.ttf  Ethiopic WashRa, Bold
washrasb.ttf Ethiopic WashRa, Demi Bold

(or whatever weight is appropriate for the second one according to the
WWS specs)

For compatibility with legacy applications that only know of Regular,
Bold, Italic and Bold Italic you can declare your old names at ID 1 & 2
and the fixed names at ID 16/17 or 21/22

See also

In addition, to help classify the fonts for our users, we'd like to know
what is the preferred generic CSS family for each of them, and if
several fonts belong to the same family how an Ethiopian user would rank

Finally, while we understand the intention is for the font files to be
OFL-ed, some of them still declare "GPL + font exception" in their
metadata (for example washrab.ttf). Both the GPL + font exception and
the OFL are perfectly fine licenses but it would avoid problems if the
licensing text in the font matched the licensing text outside the font.

I hope we can continue to work together making high-quality Ethiopic
fonts available to Ethiopic users

Best regards,

Nicolas Mailhot

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