Re: Priority list breaks the order of the font on non-native locale

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Le Ven 27 mars 2009 09:42, Akira TAGOH a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm just trying to get Bug#492510 fixed and noticed that
> Simple priority list in the fontconfig conf that each font
> packages has and the priority lists in *-non-latin.conf
> etc breaks the order of the fonts when running under
> non-native locale (in that case displaying Japanese on en_US
> locale).  How it breaks.. well, the markup to override the
> language information nor overriding fallback fonts rules
> with PANGO_LANGUAGE doesn't work. once removing the priority
> lists it works again.
> So I'd suggest adding a font in the language-specific rules
> rather than having the priority list.
> Any comments are welcome.

So you are suggesting to remove *-non-latin.conf? Or did I misunderstand?

Nicolas Mailhot

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