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Le Mer 18 mars 2009 21:55, Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) a écrit :
> Hi !
> I've just been assigned a bug report on a font package I maintain in
> Fedora [1].

> Is there a way for me to patch the TTF file ? Does this belong
> upstream, so I should report it to the font developer ?

Even though we have the possibility to change all the fonts we ship
this should be a last resort. Having the same font behave in different
ways in Fedora than in other systems is an interoperability problems.

Also, user requests can be misguided. They often ask to reintroduce
old bugs they know how to workaround, to avoid new correct behaviours
some apps may not know how to handle yet.

When in doubt you should ask knowledgeable people on irc (behdad in
#fedora-dekstop, eimai and moyogo in #dejavu) if a request is a good
idea and how it should be best taken care of. The dejavu people can be
very helpful to people discovering fontforge BTW.


Nicolas Mailhot

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