Re: Problem : japanese-fonts (vlgothic-fonts-20090204-2.fc10)

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Le jeudi 19 février 2009 à 20:30 +0100, AKanda a écrit :

> Hello,

Hi Akanda,

> The last update for VLgothics"vlgothic-fonts-20090204-2.fc10.noarch"  
> is perhaps not good. (Install by yum.)

Sorry for the delay, I was hoping other CJK users would answer, I don't
use CJK myself.

Chinese, Korean and Japanese fonts are an old source of pain for font
packagers, due to:
1. the way decided it would be a good idea to have them
share codepoints ("Han unification"), so CJK packagers compete with each
other to make their pet font the default
2. the complexity of the associated glyphs, that make some users claim
bitmap fonts should be preferred to vector fonts at small sizes (of
course others disagree, and latin users clearly prefer bitmap fonts,
except when people are not careful they change both instead of just

Almost every single CJK update breaks things, and we can not freeze CJK
fonts as new releases and new fonts are requested by users.

I can unfortunately not offer a lot of help. CJK problems can only be
fixed by CJK users. We need more CJK people to install various
combinations of CJK packages and check they do the right thing for every
CJK locale.

If you have the time please test various combinaisons of CJK fonts in
F10 (or better rawhide) and report your findings in bugzilla.


Nicolas Mailhot

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