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I'm currently packaging up Aurulent Sans.
( )

At the moment there are only some compiled *.otf files available.
Because of this I asked the author for sources to compile from. But the
answer is going a bit over my current horizon.

The answer I got an the question if it would be possible to provide some
sources is:

        This is a tricky issue, for a couple of reasons:
        First, the font is created with MetaType1.  This is not
        particularly easy to
        install or setup.  Will you be able to do that?  Since my hard
        drive crashed
        over the summer, I lost some of the changes that I had made to
        MetaType1 so
        that it would run in Fedora (mainly shell scripts and the like).
        At the
        moment, I cannot compile the sources.
        Second, I have ceased work on the MetaType1 version of Aurulent
        Sans.  I am
        re-creating the font using Python scripting in FontForge, and I
        think this
        is a more promising approach.  However, I don't have much time
        to spend on
        it, so this is definitely a long term project.
        Third, it's not clear what license the source files should be
        under.  Since they are code, it seems that the GPL would be
        appropriate, not
        the OFL.  However, it's not clear what the effect of using the
        GPL would be;
        certainly I'd want people to be able to directly modify and
        redistribute the
        "binary" font file.
So I don't have some experience with font building and need some hints
Also I don't have a clear answer on the licensing question.

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