Lost in translation, part II: Lost in orthographies

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I was trying to avoid fontconfig, but it caught me at the end. Trying
to figure out which languages in comps are supported by which font, to
be able to include them in the language group, I compared the list of
languages in F11's comps file with the orthography lists fontconfig

To my surprise, some were missing/problematic. The list is here:


I also found quite a few problems with existing orth files in
fontconfig that I'm working on fixing: http://tinyurl.com/dbk6a8

Since fontconfig support is critical for any language Fedora claims to
support [1], I think we should remove the language groups from comps
file if we don't have a fontconfig orthography file for it. I went and
updated the language criteria page we have here, adding a fontconfig


For the specific language cases, I went and filed upstream bugs
against fontconfig for all I could find, except for Berber, which is a
bit problematic by nature (language code used is actually for a family
of languages, glibc locales are incomplete, Latin/Tifinagh/Arabic
script division is not along country lines...).

This is a report. I would appreciate help and feedback, especially
your thoughts about fontconfig .orth requirements for claiming
language support in Fedora.


[1]: Ask fc-list which fonts support Kinyarwanda (rw) by running
"fc-list :lang=rw": it gives you nothing, while in real life, almost
every font on your machine supports it.

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