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On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 6:00 PM, Paul Lange  wrote:
> Hey,
> after my two packages has been approved (thank you Nicolas). I'm going
> to start to integrate them into the Fedora CVS system.
That's nice

> Now I have some question for creating the New Package CVS Request:

Actually the font lifecycle page explains a lot:

> Who should I put in as owner(s). Is this just me or anything like the
> fonts SIG?

It's you, plus whoever you want to maintain the package with (if there is any).

> Same question for InitialCC. Do I usually put someone in here?

As explained in the above link you include fonts-sig to CC, plus
whoever wants to get included (if there is any).

> In the documentation is written, that the devel branch is automatically
> created. So do I leave this field empty?

If you also want to publish the font in stable branches put F-9 for
Fedora 9, F-10 for Fedora 10. These are explained here:

Also, here is your walkthrough to get your package into Fedora:

> Thank you!
> Paul


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