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As part of forcing my font packages to comply with F11 font
rules I created fontconfig configuration file.

I am far from being expert on fontconfig, be patient with me,

According to my investigation in Glibc I found that the only
supported (existing?) Kurdish-related locale is 'ku_TR' ('ku-tr' 
in fontconfig's dialect).

>From comps I know that paktype-fonts and kacst-fonts can display
Arabic-like scripts as well as Unikurd Web. So, I gave fontconfig
a hint on possible replacement of Unikurd Web with paktype or kcacs.

Someone have a look at the attachment, please, whether it makes 
sense, what's written there, or whether it is not missing anything 
important. [1]


[1] I know my font can cover Farsi and others, where is supposed to 
be a fontconfig hint "When glyph was not found in current font, try
to cherry pick the missing one from Unikurd Web"?

Attachment: 65-unikurd-web-font.conf
Description: Binary data

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