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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mar 30 décembre 2008 18:02, H a écrit :
My font

Its just a handwriting font, not meant to be a comic one, but works.
licensed with gplv3+fe

some latin glyphs are missing now, which will be added by feb 09

Rest assured rufscript has not been forgotten and it will be imported
Fedora-side as soon as his packager finishes taking care of the points
noted during review.

BTW since "some latin glyphs" can mean anything please target MES-1
compliance at least. That would be much appreciated by many European

Now I feel bad about this... I should sit down one day and make sure rufscript has all the correct diacritics for my native language... is a trivial task, only copying a few commas below some letters. Will do it.

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