Re: where's the wish list for F11?

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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le vendredi 21 novembre 2008 à 10:00 -0500, sean darcy a écrit :

But can't this be done without making an rpm package ( which may or may not raise legal issues).

Installing anything via an rpm will be just as legal (or not) as
installing it by other means

I'm looking for something much simpler: I go buy/get a font; I open fonts-filesystem/system-config-fonts/whatever ; I point it to the font ( Type1, TT, etc); and the font is installed.

So you're asking for a font-specific installation method.
Why not add a clipart-specific one? And a templates-specific one? And a
palette-specific one?

This quickly ends up an unmanageable mess wasting the time of everyone

You already have a limited user-level font installation method for
casual users (or had, a bug is open to resurect it). Anything more
complex, such as a system-wide method needing to replicate all the work
we already do in rpm, is a waste of resources.

Making an rpm package of the font first seems to make this more involved than it needs to be.

The key word here is seems. Like many other "shortcuts", trying to avoid
making an rpm will end up a lot more work unless you really know what
you're doing (which you only will after having made a few rpms).

I don't make RPMS for every wallpaper I download and intend to use on my machine. And in my world, fonts are not too different in that respect.

Why not simply provide the default fontconfig package, with the ability to load fonts from say "/usr/local/share/fonts" ?

People with this kind of need could simple become root and copy their fonts into that directory and be done with it...

Why not?


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