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> Le Mar 18 novembre 2008 11:33, Ralf Corsepius a écrit :

>> I will vote against this proposal and this package.
>> Rationale:
>> All these macros do is causing further pollution of the rpm macros,
>> break many details (try rpmbuild --define '_datadir /opt/foo' and
>> add
>> further cross distro-portability issues (Consider RHEL3 or rpm's
>> from
>> other distros).
>> May be you recall the issues with Mandrake / Mandriva macros and
>> with
>> SuSE-macros, now you seem to be wanting to conduct Fedora into the
>> same direction.

Also if you would just look at it you'd see the whole thing is totally
autonomous from the rpm package, and could be deployed as-is on other
distributions releases (or plain other distributions)

Taking of course into account all fontconfig versions are not equal
and one needs to adapt the base package to the capabilities of the
fontconfig provided by the distro he targets.

Nicolas Mailhot

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