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Le Mar 18 novembre 2008 09:32, Ralf Corsepius a écrit :
> On Tue, 2008-11-18 at 03:08 -0500, Jens Petersen wrote:
>> > As I wrote before, I don't think we could win a lot by automating.
>> Well I tend to agree now: a good set of templates and rpm macros
>> seems the right way to go.
> No, rpm macros are the road to ruin a distro.
> Once they are used in a distro, they impose major portability issues
> and are close to impossible to get rid.

Unfortunately, deploying fonts requires scriptlets to manage
thefontconfig cache, font packages are often huge and need splitting,
and sriplets + subpackages = boom without a minimal automation.

Please review
and the other files in this directory, and propose ameliorations
before we make it the backbone of our Fedora 11 font packages.

Nicolas Mailhot

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