Re: Fedora 11 font package changes proposal (renames, splits, etc)

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After a long irc discussion with Bill Nottingham, I've reworked the
package splitting rule in:

« When packaging an upstream font archive that contains different font
families (different font names in GUI font dropdowns), one must split
each font family in a separate subpackage. Each subpackage must include
every upstream-provided font face (bold, italic, condensed, oblique…) of
the corresponding font family. 

As a special exception a packager is allowed to optionally keep
sans/serif/mono latin families of the same name together.

When upstream releases separate font archives, just create separate
packages. »

Practically, that would make splitting (or not) Bitstream Vera,
Liberation and GNU FreeFont a packager per packager decision.


Nicolas Mailhot
That only makes 3 packagers to bribe!

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