Re: Fedora 11 font package changes proposal (renames, splits, etc)

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Le dimanche 09 novembre 2008 à 16:42 +0200, Muayyad AlSadi a écrit :
> regarding arabeyes-kacst-fonts
> kacst fonts are not from arabeyes they are only hosted there
> the fonts are by
> rpm -qi kacst-fonts-2.0-1.fc10.noarch
> ...
> from the King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology(kacst).

I suppose that if kacst lets arabeyes distribute them they are not
unfriendly with each other. Open Font Library likewise only
re-distributes other people work, I guess the prefix in this case would
mainly be there to denote some sort of oflb or arabeyes editorial work

Anyway, duly noted, if more people feel karcst should not be prefixed I
guess we'll make it and exception (but I'd love to have a clear simple
common sense naming rule).

> arabeyes produce two types of fonts: core and decorative and I packed
> them for ojuba, here is the .spec file (attached)

Some (but not all) of those fonts are currently in review:

You can either work with the current would-be packager (and become
co-maintainer) or submit a competing proposal (some reviews never go
anywhere, unfortunately, don't wait for others to do the stuff you care

The path to get a font in Fedora is documented there:

We mostly ask packagers to adhere as closely as possible to the official
spec template, create a wiki page that can be referenced in release
notes, and avoid bundling different fonts in a single package.

When there is little deviation from guidelines reviews tend to be quick
(unfortunately the reverse is also true)

> I would love to maintain it for the fedora

New font packagers are always welcome! Your spec is not acceptable
as-is, but if you're motivated I think you'll find creating
guidelines-conformant spec files is not too hard.


Nicolas Mailhot

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