Re: wishlist font: Rufscript - some wiki issues?

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Le Ven 17 octobre 2008 16:45, Máirín Duffy a écrit :
> Hey folks,

Hi Máirín,

Good to see you working on the wishlist again;

> I filled out a wishlist page for Rufscript [1] but it
> doesn't seem to be showing up on the fonts wishlist category
> page [2] even though I know i added that category page to
> the bottom of the Rufscript fonts page.
> Any ideas on what's going on? Any help/ideas are
> appreciated!  :)

The problem is you've used
[[:Category:Font wishlist]] instead of [[Category:Font wishlist]].

The : desactivates category processing so you can display the
associated code in wiki documentation.


Nicolas Mailhot

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