Trac -> Pagure Migration this Friday (Feb 10)

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We are planning on doing the Trac to Pagure migration this Friday.   Using Pagure is very similar to Trac, except you create "Issues" instead of "tickets".

One change to keep in mind is that we now have separate projects for our components like: admin server, 389-ds-console, idm-console-framework, 389-dsgw, 389-ds-base, etc.  These can all be found under the Directory_Services group:

If you have an Admin Server issue to report create a new issue under the 389-admin project, etc.

Please use the "389-ds-base" project for new Directory Server issues.  Note, your previous tickets you filed, or are following, will still have the same ticket number:

Will be:

Once the migration is complete there will be a final announcement, and Trac will be put into read-only mode until it is decommissioned.

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