IMPORTANT - Fedorahosted trac ticket system is being replaced by Pagure

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On February 28th the fedorahosted trac ticket system/repo is being decommissioned, and we will be moving to Pagure ( as our ticketing system and source code repository.   The Pagure work flow is very similar to trac, and we will be adding a wiki doc on how to use it once we get closer to doing our migration to Pagure.  We are currently planning on doing the migration in the middle of February.

As for the trac ticket migration there is one issue.  All cc'ed users will be lost.   If you are the assignee or the reporter you will still get notifications, but you won't if you were only in the cc list of a ticket.  Also, the pagure tickets (Issues) that are migrated will continue to use the same trac ticket IDs.  So you can still easily track/follow tickets you were previously interested in.

If you have previously filed tickets, or you might want to, please goto the pagure web site and simply log in using for FAS credentials.  This will automatically add you to the Pagure system.  Please do this sooner than later so you don't experience any disruptions with notifications.

We will keep you posted as we get closer to the migration.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

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