Announcing Fedora Directory Server 1.0.2

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Fedora Directory Server 1.0.2 is released!  This release contains new
features, new platform support, and many bug fixes.

* Extended Password Syntax checking - passwords can be checked to see if
they conform to the following:
** minimum password character length (old feature, but now the default
is 8 characters)
** minimum number of digit characters (0-9)
** minimum number of ASCII alpha characters (a-z, A-Z)
** minimum number of uppercase ASCII alpha characters (A-Z)
** minimum number of lowercase ASCII alpha characters (a-z)
** minimum number of special ASCII characters (!@#$, etc.)
** minimum number of 8-bit characters
** maximum number of times the same char can be immediately repeated
** minimum number of character categories that are represented
(categories are lower, upper, digit, special, and 8-bit)
** Screenshot -

* Support for Linux x86_64 - RPMs for Fedora Core 4 and Fedora Core3/RHEL4 x86_64 are
on the Download page.

* Preliminary support for Fedora Core 5 - including support for Apache
2.2 and native java

* Bug fixes - follow this link
( to see the
bugzilla report

Release Notes:
Home Page:

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