[SECURITY] Fedora Directory Server 1.0.1 Update

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Fedora Directory Server Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Directory Server
Name        : Directory Server
Version     : 1.0.1
Release     : 1
Summary     : The core LDAP server engine
Description :
The core directory server component of Fedora Directory Server is the
LDAP server engine/daemon.
Update Information:

Evgeny Legerov of GLEG, Ltd. (http://www.gleg.net/) discovered several
flaws affecting Fedora Directory Server using the GLEG ProtoVer LDAP
test suite.  A remote attacker who is able to connect to the directory
server could send malicious requests which would cause the server to
crash leading to a denial of service.
The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project assigned the names
CVE-2006-0451, CVE-2006-0452, and CVE-2006-0453 to these issues.

This update is available by upgrading to Fedora Directory Server 1.0.2
available here:

The above link has instructions for downloading the new version and
upgrading older versions.

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