Help needed with maven-invoker builds

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Hi all,

in F37 release cycle maven-invoker builds started to fail [1], for example: .

The reason is that two tests fail:

[ERROR] DefaultInvokerTest.testBuildShouldSucceed:56 expected:<0> but was:<-2147483648>
[ERROR] DefaultInvokerTest.testSpaceProperties:218 expected:<0> but was:<-2147483648>

I haven't made any changes, the same version built fine in F36 release
cycle, so I dont think its JDK17 related, possible some other dependency
is updated which results in the error.

I was able to add some debugging and logging, at least the first test gets exception:
org.apache.maven.shared.utils.cli.CommandLineException:  Failure processing stdout.

After debugging this I havent found any solution, seems my option are:

1. Disable the two tests, but some other application might brake
2. Orphan maven-invoker

So any help is appreciated.


Best regards,
Markku Korkeala
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