Re: [head ups] google-gson-2.9.0 on Rawhide and F36

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I will take pdfbox. Feel free to transfer. TY!

On 3/2/22 19:31, Sérgio Basto wrote:
It took many time to figure out, how build google-gson with jdk 17 , it
also fail to build docs, the third or more package that doesn't build
doc for me .

I'd like transfer the ownership of my java packages to someone, because
I haven't time to take care of it .

- google-gson. Depending packages (rawhide) (4): java-runtime-
decompiler jgit protobuf reflections
- jdependency. Depending packages (rawhide) (1): maven-shade-plugin
- javassist. Depending packages (rawhide) (3): mysql-connector-java
reflections and scannotation
- disruptor, Depending packages (rawhide) (1): log4j
- pdfbox, Depending packages (rawhide) (1): fop

Best regards,

Jiri Vanek Mgr.
Principal QA Software Engineer
Red Hat Inc.
+420 775 39 01 09
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