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On Fri, 2021-12-03 at 23:53 +0700, Didik Supriadi wrote:
> On 12/2/21 21:40, Mat Booth wrote:
> > I have orphaned wsdl4j, wsil4j and uddi4j.
> > 
> > I only needed them for some ancient web services functionality in
> > eclipse-webtools, but obviously eclipse-webtools is no longer in the
> > distro.
> It seems that Tomcat still depends directly on Wsdl4j (BR).

from email "Orphaned packages looking for new maintainers​​" : 

Depending on: wsdl4j (39), status change: 2021-12-02 (0 weeks ago)
	tomcat (maintained by: coolsvap, csutherl, gzaronikas, huwang,
		tomcat-1:9.0.55-1.fc36.src requires wsdl4j = 1.6.3-

	wsil4j (maintained by: galileo, orphan)
		wsil4j-1.0-25.fc35.noarch requires mvn(wsdl4j:wsdl4j)
= 1.6.3, osgi(javax.wsdl) = 1.6.3
		wsil4j-1.0-25.fc35.src requires wsdl4j = 1.6.3-21.fc35

	dogtag-pki (maintained by: abbra, cdorney, cfu, cipherboy,
ckelley, dmoluguw, edewata, jmagne, kwright, mharmsen, vakwetu)
		dogtag-pki-11.1.0-0.1.alpha2.fc36.src requires
resteasy = 3.0.26-13.fc36, tomcat = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36, tomcatjss = 8.0.0-
requires tomcat = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36, tomcatjss = 8.0.0-1.fc36
		dogtag-pki-java-11.1.0-0.1.alpha2.fc36.noarch requires
resteasy-client = 3.0.26-13.fc36, resteasy-core = 3.0.26-13.fc36,
resteasy-jackson2-provider = 3.0.26-13.fc36

	fop (maintained by: mizdebsk, peter, ttorling)
		fop-2.6-2.fc36.src requires servlet = 4.0

	javahelp2 (maintained by: omajid)
		javahelp2-2.0.05-31.fc35.src requires tomcat-jsp-2.3-
api = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36, tomcat-servlet-4.0-api = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36

	pki-core (maintained by: abbra, cdorney, cfu, cipherboy,
ckelley, dmoluguw, edewata, jmagne, kwright, mharmsen, vakwetu)
		pki-core-11.0.0-0.2.alpha1.fc35.src requires resteasy
= 3.0.26-13.fc36, tomcat = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36, tomcatjss = 8.0.0-1.fc36
		pki-server-11.0.0-0.2.alpha1.fc35.noarch requires
tomcat = 1:9.0.55-1.fc36, tomcatjss = 8.0.0-1.fc36
		pki-base-java-11.0.0-0.2.alpha1.fc35.noarch requires
resteasy-client = 3.0.26-13.fc36, resteasy-core = 3.0.26-13.fc36,
resteasy-jackson2-provider = 3.0.26-13.fc36

	resteasy (maintained by: cdorney, cfu, cipherboy, ckelley,
dmoluguw, edewata, jmagne, mharmsen, vakwetu)
		pki-resteasy-core-3.0.26-13.fc36.noarch requires
mvn(org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-servlet-api) = 9.0.55
requires mvn(org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-servlet-api) = 9.0.55
		resteasy-3.0.26-13.fc36.src requires
mvn(org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-servlet-api) = 9.0.55

	portlet-2.0-api (maintained by: jjelen)
		portlet-2.0-api-1.0-24.fc35.src requires
mvn(org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-servlet-api) = 9.0.55

	tomcatjss (maintained by: cdorney, cfu, cipherboy, ckelley,
dmoluguw, edewata, jmagne, kwright, mharmsen, vakwetu)
		tomcatjss-8.0.0-1.fc36.noarch requires tomcat =
		tomcatjss-8.0.0-1.fc36.src requires tomcat = 1:9.0.55-

	bibletime (maintained by: cicku, deji, greghellings)
		bibletime-3.0.2-1.fc36.src requires fop = 2.6-2.fc36

	publican (maintained by: jfearn, rlandmann)
		publican-4.3.2-22.fc35.noarch requires fop = 2.6-
		publican-4.3.2-22.fc35.src requires fop = 2.6-2.fc36

	scons (maintained by: fab, moceap, mskalick, panovotn,
s4504kr, sagitter)
		scons-4.3.0-1.fc36.src requires fop = 2.6-2.fc36

	openstack-java-sdk (maintained by: dominik, fsimonce)
requires mvn(org.jboss.resteasy:resteasy-jaxrs) = 3.0.26.Final
		openstack-java-sdk-3.2.9-7.fc34.src requires
mvn(org.jboss.resteasy:resteasy-jaxrs) = 3.0.26.Final

	apache-commons-fileupload (maintained by: jerboaa, jjelen,
mizdebsk, spike)
		apache-commons-fileupload-1.4-7.fc35.src requires
mvn(javax.portlet:portlet-api) = 1.0

	boswars (maintained by: bruno, jwrdegoede, timn)
		boswars-2.7-26.svn160110.fc35.src requires python3-
scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	compat-tolua++ (maintained by: jwrdegoede)
		compat-tolua++-1.0.93-16.fc35.src requires python3-
scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	endless-sky (maintained by: linkdupont)
		endless-sky-0.9.14-2.fc35.src requires scons = 4.3.0-

	glob2 (maintained by: bruno, cheese)
		glob2- requires python3-scons =

	godot (maintained by: akien)
		godot-3.3.3-1.fc36.src requires python3-scons = 4.3.0-

	gpsd (maintained by: fab, mlichvar, ttorling)
		gpsd-1:3.23.1-1.fc36.src requires python3-scons =

	lcdtest (maintained by: brouhaha)
		lcdtest-1.18-27.fc35.src requires scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	libffado (maintained by: nphilipp)
		libffado-2.4.4-5.fc35.src requires python3-scons =

	libnxt (maintained by: dwrobel)
		libnxt-0.3-26.fc35.src requires scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	libserf (maintained by: cicku, jorton, tkorbar)
		libserf-1.3.9-22.fc36.src requires python3-scons =

	mapnik (maintained by: alexlan, tomh)
		mapnik-3.1.0-14.fc36.src requires scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	mingw-nsis (maintained by: lef, rjones, smani, teuf)
		mingw-nsis-3.08-1.fc36.src requires python3-scons =

	minicomputer (maintained by: verdurin)
		minicomputer-1.41-31.fc35.src requires /usr/bin/scons

	mypaint (maintained by: avsej)
		mypaint-2.0.1-4.fc35.src requires python3-scons =

	netpanzer (maintained by: laxathom, limb)
		netpanzer-0.8.7-18.fc35.src requires python3-scons =

	pingus (maintained by: limb)
		pingus-0.7.6-39.fc35.src requires python3-scons =

	rmlint (maintained by: eclipseo)
		rmlint-2.10.1-6.fc35.src requires scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	sagemath (maintained by: pcpa)
		sagemath-9.4-2.fc36.src requires python3dist(scons) =

	sar2 (maintained by: spot)
		sar2-2.5.0-4.fc35.src requires scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	sunpinyin (maintained by: cicku, fujiwara, helloworld1,
liangsuilong, pwu)
		sunpinyin-3.0.0-0.6.20190805git.fc35.src requires
python3-scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	tolua++ (maintained by: jwrdegoede, moceap)
		tolua++-1.0.93-32.fc35.src requires python3-scons =

	v8-314 (maintained by: lkundrak)
		v8-314- requires scons = 4.3.0-

	vdrift (maintained by: limb, rmattes)
		vdrift-20141020-25.git5ae309f.fc35.src requires
python3-scons = 4.3.0-1.fc36

	wesnoth (maintained by: bruno, limb, pwalter)
		wesnoth-1.16.1-1.fc36.src requires python3-scons =

	zfs-fuse (maintained by: limb)
		zfs-fuse- requires scons = 4.3.0-

	Too many dependencies for wsdl4j, not all listed here

Sérgio M. B.
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