Updated javaparser to 3.22.0 on rawhide

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just to notice I updated javaparser to version 3.22.0 in rawhide.

What is the best way to see what packages require some package? I tried
to see what packages would be affected by the javaparser upgrade with
dnf repoquery, but could not get any search results. I tried the
following queries:

dnf rq --whatdepends mvn\(com.github.javaparser:javaparser-parent\)
dnf rq --whatdepends mvn\(com.github.javaparser:javaparser-core\)
dnf rq --whatdepends mvn\(com.github.javaparser:javaparser-core\)
dnf rq --whatdepends javaparser
dnf rq --whatdepends mvn\(com.google.code.javaparser:javaparser\)

For some other packages I got results.

Best regards,
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