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* Mikolaj Izdebski:

> I want to propose updating Java Packaging Guidelines [1] to allow
> installation of JNI shared objects in %{_prefix}/lib/%{name} or in
> %{_libdir}/%{name}, according to packager preference.
> %{_libdir} expands to either /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 (depending on
> system architecture), while %{_prefix}/lib always expands to /usr/lib.
> To see what %{_libdir} expands to on each platform, you can run: grep
> %_libdir -r /usr/lib/rpm/platform/

Isn't this a consequence of using absolute paths for JNI loading?

The issue goes away if the system default or OpenJDK default paths are
used.  Neither of these paths include %{name}, of course.

> Since Maven is a noarch package, the symlink must technically point to
> one fixed location, but ought to be installed in different
> locations on different architectures.

This also suggests a different problem: Why does Maven as a noarch
package even have to know that exists?  A future version of
jansi could very well be noarch.  I suspect it's related to dependencies
bubbling up to consumers (which is related to the Class-Path: attribute

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