Allowing Class-Path in MANIFEST.MF

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I would like to propose allowing Class-Path attribute in JAR
manifests, at least in some cases.

Currently Java Packaging Guidelines [1] forbids Class-Path attributes
in JAR manifests. However there are certain cases when Class-Path can
be very useful. One such example I find it useful for is executable
JARs that can be symlinked from %{_libexecdir} and ran without a need
for wrapper shell scripts. Such JAR files are marked as executable and
start with a shebang line, which is treated as leading garbage and
therefore ignored by JAR/ZIP readers. When such JARs have dependencies
it's useful to be able to refer to them via Class-Path manifest

What do you think about allowing Class-Path manifest attribute? Can it
be allowed in any case, or in some cases only?

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