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Hi Nicolas,

> Am 03.10.2021 um 21:06 schrieb Nicolas De Amicis <deamicis@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello Peter,
> I would like to help but at this time isn't clear how.

Thank you very much. I am very happy that you responded to my initiative.

> Can we start with the Kanban from Fabio ( and/or with the orphaned package list?

I agree that there is an urgent need to compile a list of orphaned packages and perhaps evaluate them by categories, perhaps something like  outdated/no active upstream – not necessarily needed – new maintainer desirable – compensable with third party rpms – alternative installation support desirable (e.b. Ansible) – new maintainer wanted (as just an idea, maybe not a reasonable one).

I'm missing a simple overview of what exactly has actually been lost so that a concept based on facts can be developed on how to deal with it in the future and exactly what Java interested parties could/should work on and what Fedora is offering (and that is far more than nothing IMHO).

Until we have a better way, perhaps the easiest one would be to use a subpage of the Java wiki and create an overview table or the repository issues system. 


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