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On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 1:00 AM Sérgio Basto <sergio@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After all apache-ivy is required by the new xmvn-connector-ivy-
> 0:4.0.0~20210707.d300ce6-1.fc35.src ??? and ant-contrib [1]
> ant-contrib is required by [2]
> After find that in java the correct repo queries are done in repo
> rawhide-source with --arch=src , (we query the buildrequires)
> So why we need xmvn-connector-ivy ? and can ant-contrib be retired ?
> maven seems that supersede and
> ivy seems to me that need java 1.7, not even 1.8 [3]
> and I can't find a way to build apache-ivy in rawhide [4]
> If we retire apache-ivy, we need also want retire ant-contrib,
> note that ant-contrib is complete dead upstream (last release is from
> 2008 , and we should inform the 4 projects that still requires ant-
> contrib ...
> Note the main problem for me is I don't see how we will build apache-
> ivy

I picked up ant-contrib when it was orphaned recently because jmol
wants it.  A little digging around shows that jmol uses it solely to
support this construct:

<for list="${all.Jmol.languages}" delimiter="," param="current.Jmol.language">
    <!-- Do stuff with @{current.Jmol.language} -->

If that construct can be converted into vanilla ant somehow, I would
be quite happy to drop ant-contrib into the laps of the eclipse-gef,
forbidden-apis, and java-sleep maintainers. :-)
Jerry James
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