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On 01-06-2021 15:59, Florian Weimer wrote:
* Peter Boy:

therein the following passus:

== JAR file installation ==
The following applies to all JAR files except JNI-using JAR files and application-specific JAR files (i.e., JAR files that can only reasonably be used as part of an application and therefore constitute application-private data).
=== Split JAR files ===
If a project offers the choice of packaging it as a single monolithic JAR or several ones, the split packaging SHOULD be preferred.

seems to be the problem.
The splitting is all about what you need at the end of the day. Take as an example. WildFly doesn't need everything so it makes sense to split Hibernate ORM into different RPMs (or not produce RPMs for certain jars).

WildFly can be split in similar vain, however I would choose a higher granularity and take as much as you can into a single RPM to start with.
Does Wildfly offer any packaging choices at all?

Yes, you can focus on a subset like the servlet distribution.

Probably then going for additional individual extensions to build up to what amounts to the full distribution.

And it seems that the issue blocking Wildfly is actually *building*
stuff from source, so the delivery mechanism doesn't matter, I think.


I'm not sure what you mean by this. Could you elaborate?

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