Re: N00b questions - I need help getting started on packaging.

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On Sat, 22 Aug 2020 at 11:17, Ludovic Hirlimann <ludovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 8/14/20 4:53 PM, Mat Booth wrote:
> >
> > Patches are probably needed because Lucene and JavaCC dependencies are
> > newer in Fedora than expected by Derby. Where possible we generally
> > try to carry only the latest version of libraries in order to avoid a
> > combinatorial explosion of things we'd otherwise need to package.
> > Packages should be patched such that they work with the version
> > available in Fedora. Updating a project to the latest version of one
> > of its dependencies are patches that are good candidates to be sent
> >
> So when I do a dnf search Lucene I don't get any version number in the
> pckage name, what's the fedora way to know which version of Lucene is
> being currently packaged ? (reading the spec file ?) , I now know what
> the dependancies for Derby are in terms of version numbers?

Using repoquery on the rawhide repo:

$ sudo dnf --repo=rawhide repoquery lucene

This gives results as: <package>-<epoch>:<version>-<release>.<arch>

So lucene package is currently at version 8.4.1

Mat Booth
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