java stack is dead, long live the javastack (was "500 packages FTBFS in rawhide with java-11-openjdk as system JDK")

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Current stats from my testing samples:
408 failing
263 passing

That is huge improvement. Thank you all.
I'm now running last rebuild n copr, and in week or two an mass rebuild will be taken in koji.

There was an discussion what the border will be, when to force this change, or when to step away.
50% of passed? 80%? But afaik no metric is valid here, because - sorry to say it - there is no
longer any javastack...
Since f29, about 1000 java packages died or were orphaned. I was removing packages where upstream is
dead and are orphaned (so no chance to make them reliable working with jdk11), and I found that
wildfly, jenkins, jboss, half of maven plugins, elastic search, apach-emina, infinispan, cassandra,
hibernate.... All are dead. What is javastack for now (no blame or evil in that)?

So maybe the system jdk11 can be used as just last death-blow to java stack, rethink it,  and stat
rebuilding on pretty fresh field....


Jiri Vanek
Senior QE engineer, OpenJDK QE lead, Mgr.
Red Hat Czech
jvanek@xxxxxxxxxx    M: +420775390109
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