Announcement: Aim to remove libdb-java from Fedora-rawhide

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Hello everyone,

we are aiming to remove libdb-java package from Fedora-rawhide, as we are currently preparing for jdk update from jdk-1.8 to jdk-11 in Fedora rawhide. The problem is that we are unable to rebuild this package with jdk-11. It is still possible to "hack" it and rebuild it with jdk-1.8, but that can cause unexpected runtime behaviour according to JVM-11, which will soon be default in Fedora-rawhide.

There seems to be no packages, which depend directly to libdb-java and upstream does not support version 5.3.28 anymore.

If anyone has any reasons why this should not be made, or someone is currently active user of this JDBC connector, please leave a comment with your opinion in the tracker [1] mentioned below.

There is also an existing tracker for deprecating libdb in Fedora [2], so this can be understand as a first step.

Additional info about jdk-11 here [3].

Best regards,

Ondrej Dubaj
Associate Software Engineer
Red Hat

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