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In the process of unorphaning resteasy, I picked up several other
packages necessary to keep it alive. After trimming resteasy
down, I was left with the following packages.

 - classmate (cc: lef)
 - cli-parser (cc: lef)
 - glassfish-gmbal
 - glassfish-management-api
 - glassifsh-pfl 
 - grizzly 
 - grizzly-npn
 - jackson-dataformat-xml (cc: lef, dchen)
 - jandex-maven-plugin (cc: lef)
 - java-oauth (cc: lef)
 - jboss-connector-1.6-api (cc: lef, gil)
 - jboss-jaspi-1.1-api (cc: lef)
 - jersey (cc: dchen, gwei3)
 - mimepull (cc: lef, java-sig)
 - mustache-java (cc: dchen, lef, mizdebsk)
 - netty3 (cc: lef, jerboaa)
 - picketbox (cc: lef, gil)
 - picketbox-commons (cc: lef, gil)
 - picketbox-xacml (cc: lef, gil)
 - rxjava (cc: rfenkhuber)
 - simple

I intend to orphan them all on Friday unless someone else
wants these packages.


- Alex
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