Re: Switching Maven and Ant to OpenJDK 11

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On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 1:52 PM Alex Scheel <ascheel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am planning to switch Maven 3.6 and Ant 1.10 modules to build with
> > and run on OpenJDK 11, which is the latest LTS release of OpenJDK.
> > This also means that future streams of javapackages-tools module will
> > default to use OpenJDK 11 for building packages. Please let me know if
> > you have any concerns.
> My concern is what will happen to the libraries in the default module
> stream? When installing, e.g., dogtag-pki, this brings in the following
> packages from a default module stream:

This is a valid concern, thanks for bringing it up.

>     apache-commons-cli-0:1.4-4.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
>     apache-commons-codec-0:1.11-3.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
>     apache-commons-io-1:2.6-3.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
>     apache-commons-logging-0:1.2-13.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
>     httpcomponents-client-0:4.5.5-4.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
>     httpcomponents-core-0:4.4.10-3.module_f28+3939+dc18cd75.noarch
> Of these, apache-commons-{cli,codec,io,logging} are all directly required
> by dogtag-pki, which doesn't yet fully work with JDK-11. (I'm not quite
> sure how httpcomponents-{client,core} gets pulled in).
> Will you continue building these with a target bytecode version for use
> with JDK8, even though you're building with JDK11? Or are you only building
> the maven and ant packages with JDK 11 (and not building all libraries
> in the module with JDK 11)?

These libraries will still be built with JDK <= 8 bytecode, so they
should continue to work with JDK 8.

Mikolaj Izdebski
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