Re: Switching Maven and Ant to OpenJDK 11

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any package can switch to jdk11, but sysem jdk should be jdk8, at least for some more time...

On 10/25/19 8:47 PM, Miro Hrončok wrote:
> On 25. 10. 19 19:30, Mikolaj Izdebski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Currently default Java runtime in Fedora is OpenJDK 8. This is not the
>> latest OpenJDK packaged, but still remains system-default version.
>> Because of that Apache Maven and Apache Ant in Fedora are built using
>> OpenJDK 8 and run on OpenJDK 8.
>> I am planning to switch Maven 3.6 and Ant 1.10 modules to build with
>> and run on OpenJDK 11, which is the latest LTS release of OpenJDK.
>> This also means that future streams of javapackages-tools module will
>> default to use OpenJDK 11 for building packages. Please let me know if
>> you have any concerns.
> Hello, I am not very familiar with how Java works in this regard, but since this is the default
> stream etc., wouldn't it be wise to coordinate such change with a general OpenJDK 11 default Fedora
> system wide change?
> E.g. would the dependent OpenJDK 8 packages still build in stable releases if this change is done
> globally and for example if Ursa Major/Prime/... is activated?

Jiri Vanek
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