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On 17/03/2019, Neal Gompa <ngompa13@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm sending this email to ask for help on behalf of the Fedora Java
> SIG. I've been recently alerted to the fact that the active membership
> has dwindled over the years, which has become a big problem as the
> number of consumers of the Fedora Java work has only increased. You
> all rely on part or all of the work that is done by the Fedora Java
> SIG to support Java and Java-based applications, and I would like to
> ask that you come and help upstream to help you!
> In my view, there's no reason that all of us across distributions
> (Fedora, Mageia, OpenMandriva, and SUSE) can't work together to
> develop and grow the Java ecosystem support in Linux distributions.
> Java is a very important and fundamental part of the ecosystem, and is
> the foundation for many more emerging language ecosystems: Clojure,
> Scala, Groovy, and Kotlin (to name a few).
> The ability to offer the greater Java ecosystem in Linux distributions
> is more important than ever before, so I am urging that people
> interested in _any_ aspect of the Java ecosystem on Linux consider
> joining the Fedora Java SIG so that they can help with developing
> tooling, packaging, and delivering awesome experiences for Java
> developers and users.
> I invite interested members to come help us in the Fedora Java SIG. As
> I am a member of Fedora; Mageia; OpenMandriva; and openSUSE, I am
> willing to assist with integration work across distributions.
> Here are the major contact points for the Fedora Java SIG:
> * Mailing list: java-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>   * To subscribe:
> * IRC channel: #fedora-java on Freenode
> For the next Minecraft and the next IDEA, we should work together to
> make the best future for Java and JVM-powered languages on Linux! The
> ecosystem is heating up, and we should be able to keep up and offer
> the latest and greatest technologies so that there is a first-class
> experience to make the next big thing using this software.
> Please consider and I hope we can work together to make a better
> future for the Java ecosystem in our Linux distributions!
> --
> 真実はいつも一つ!/ Always, there's only one truth!

Hi Neal,

I heard about the difficulties of some Java packages recently and,
although I haven't contributed to a Linux distribution in a long time,
I decided to help somehow and joined some Fedora mailing lists and am
trying to get my head around
I initially offered help to maintain the Maven packages that are being
orphaned, Now it seems this
conversation is more complicated but I haven't given up just yet.

Hope I can make some progress until the end of the month.

Thanks for waking us up!

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