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Hello all,

I'm sending this email to ask for help on behalf of the Fedora Java
SIG. I've been recently alerted to the fact that the active membership
has dwindled over the years, which has become a big problem as the
number of consumers of the Fedora Java work has only increased. You
all rely on part or all of the work that is done by the Fedora Java
SIG to support Java and Java-based applications, and I would like to
ask that you come and help upstream to help you!

In my view, there's no reason that all of us across distributions
(Fedora, Mageia, OpenMandriva, and SUSE) can't work together to
develop and grow the Java ecosystem support in Linux distributions.
Java is a very important and fundamental part of the ecosystem, and is
the foundation for many more emerging language ecosystems: Clojure,
Scala, Groovy, and Kotlin (to name a few).

The ability to offer the greater Java ecosystem in Linux distributions
is more important than ever before, so I am urging that people
interested in _any_ aspect of the Java ecosystem on Linux consider
joining the Fedora Java SIG so that they can help with developing
tooling, packaging, and delivering awesome experiences for Java
developers and users.

I invite interested members to come help us in the Fedora Java SIG. As
I am a member of Fedora; Mageia; OpenMandriva; and openSUSE, I am
willing to assist with integration work across distributions.

Here are the major contact points for the Fedora Java SIG:
* Mailing list: java-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  * To subscribe:
* IRC channel: #fedora-java on Freenode

For the next Minecraft and the next IDEA, we should work together to
make the best future for Java and JVM-powered languages on Linux! The
ecosystem is heating up, and we should be able to keep up and offer
the latest and greatest technologies so that there is a first-class
experience to make the next big thing using this software.

Please consider and I hope we can work together to make a better
future for the Java ecosystem in our Linux distributions!

真実はいつも一つ!/ Always, there's only one truth!
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