javapackages-tools 5.0.0 released

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I just released new version of javapackages-tools and fired a build for rawhide.

Release notes:

- `%add_maven_depmap` macros was moved to javapackages-local and now shows
  a deprecation warning when used (#20)
    - For migrating packages from `%add_maven_depmap`, see
- `javapackages-tools` package now doesn't require python for runtime
- Macro for automatic javadoc subpackage generation - %javadoc_package (#19)
- Better Software Collections support (#43, #32)
    - `%scl_install_java` macro for setup of dependent collections
    - Automatic enabling of scl for macros
    - Fixed macro interference with base system
- Added `%mvn_subst` macro (#37)
- Invokes xmvn-subst with `--root` parameter set to buildroot, which allows
      substitution of just built artifacts
- Merged eclipse-filesystem into javapackages-tools (#34)
- No longer includes timestamps in generated ``
    - In order to suport reproducible builds (mizdebsk/javapackages#4)
- JAVA_HOME settings were decoupled from java command alternatives setting
    - default JAVA_HOME is determined at javapackages-tools build-time
    - users can override it in `java.conf` as before
- Cleanup of jpackage legacy
    - Removed support for version-specific JAR locations
    - Removed support for JVM extensions

- Fixed handling of `ivy.xml` by `%mvn_artifact` (#25)
- Fixed generation of versioned OSGi requires (#27)
- Fixed `%mvn_artifact` failing on poms with parent relativePath set to directory (#3)

Michael Simacek
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