XMvn 3.0.0 release notes

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What's new in XMvn 3.0.0

XMvn 3.0.0 was released on 2017-06-20.  Most important changes

* API changes

  * New <<<Configurator>>> API

    XMvn 3.0.0 adds Configurator API service, which exposes XMvn
    configuration as Java beans.

  * New <<<MetadataResolver>>> API

    XMvn 3.0.0 adds new API service - <<<MetadataResolver>>>, which
    allows resolution of metadata for artifacts installed in the

  * Service locator API

    Instances of services provided by XMvn API can now be obtained
    using service locator, without using dependency injection.  This
    change obsoleted XMvn Launcher module, which was removed in XMvn

  * New default compiler source setting

    Since XMvn 3.0.0 <<<compilerSource>>> setting has a new default
    value equal to <<<1.6>>>.

* Changes in binary distribution

  * Launcher scripts removed from binary tarball

    Launcher scripts for tools, such as <<<xmvn-resolve>>>,
    <<<xmvn-install>>> etc., as well as <<<xmvn>>> launcher, were
    removed.  From now on, tools can be ran using <<<java -jar>>>
    syntax and XMvn itself can be ran using standard <<<mvn>>>
    launcher.  This is upstream change only - downstream
    distributions may continue to provide distro-specific launchers.

  * Ivy connector removed from binary tarball

    Since XMvn 3.0.0, connector for Apache Ivy is no longer included
    in binary tarball.

* New features

  * Ignoring duplicate metadata made configurable

    XMvn versions prior to 3.0.0 would previously always ignore
    installed artifacts, which have multiple metadata, for example
    when more than one package provides the same artifact.  XMvn
    3.0.0 added new option <<<ignoreDuplicateMetadata>>>, which can
    be used to control this behavior.
    <<<ignoreDuplicateMetadata>>> is <<<true>>> by default, but when
    set to <<<false>>> XMvn will resolve metadata for the first
    artifact found, ignoring others.

  * POM files for Tycho projects are not installed

    Projects built with Eclipse Tycho install JAR files in private
    locations specific to Eclipse, so POM files and metadata for
    them are not installed.

  * PoC implementation of Javadoc MOJO

    XMvn 3.0.0 added new MOJO, which can be used to generate API
    documentation (javadocs) as alternative to Maven Javadoc Plugin.
    Goal <<<xmvn-mojo:javadoc>>> works in similar way to
    <<<javadoc:aggregate>>>, but it has some advantages over it.
    XMvn javadoc makes javadocs more consistent between packages -
    it unifies javadoc options, doclet used, CSS styles, and so on.
    It opens possibilities for better integration with distributions
    in the future, like for example distro-specific themes, links or
    dependencies between javadoc packages.  It also has much fewer
    dependencies, which means smaller builroots and faster builds.

  * More accurate builddep MOJO

    Builddep MOJO, which can be used for auto-generating
    build-requires, was rewritten almost from scratch.  Now its
    output should be much more accurate.

  * Partial compatibility with Maven 3.0

    XMvn 3.0.0 restores partial compatibility with Maven 3.0.

* Bug fixes

  * Ignoring runtime exceptions during bytecode analysis

    Previously XMvn Installer would terminate abnormally on bytecode
    it couldn't parse, such as newer bytecode than recognized by ASM
    library which XMvn uses.  This has been fixed in XMvn 3.0.0.

  * Coping with whitespaces in file names

    When installing files with whitespace in their names, XMvn
    Installer would previously generate incorrect file descriptor.
    XMvn 3.0.0 fixes this bug.

* Other changes

  * Release on Maven Central Repository

    Since 3.0.0 XMvn will be available in Maven Central Repository.

  * Migrated from fedorahosted.org to GitHub

    Since fedorahosted.org, the service that XMvn used to be hosted
    on, was decommissioned, XMvn source repository was moved to new
    home, which is now at GitHub:
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