Re: how to deal with build process which depends on gant (project is not maintained/obsolete)?

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On 21 July 2016 at 16:53, toogley <toogley@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey list,

Jetbrains' intellij idea, which I currently try to package depends on the
obsolete Gant (Last Github commit in Aug 2015).

I.e. the ant script calls
lots groovy/gant scripts.

As the developer of gant is not active anymoore I don't think packaging gant in
fedora again is an option.

I'm basically very unsure what build automation tool i should use. As i have
only experience with maven, i can't estimate what they best solution would be.

Would it make sense to rewrite the intellij build process to use gradle?  As big
parts of the existing build process uses gradle, I __feel__ this could be a
sensible option, because it requires the least amount of changes to the build
process (because gradle uses, like gant, also groovy) => But again, i have no
experience with gant or gradle, therefore i can't decide if my impression makes

What do you think about that?

Thanks, Tobi/toogley
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Just because a project isn't seeing active upstream development, doesn't mean it's not useful. (After all, we still have xerces and a slew of other ancient Java libraries in the distro!)

Unless there is a drop-in replacement for gant, I think it would be perfectly acceptable to package gant for Fedora with the purpose of building intellij. When upstream intellij moves away from gant, then we can retire it. This seems like much less work to me than rewriting the build process for an IDE and as an added bonus it is the path that says closest to upstream.
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