how to deal with build process which depends on gant (project is not maintained/obsolete)?

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Hey list,

Jetbrains' intellij idea, which I currently try to package depends on the
obsolete Gant (Last Github commit in Aug 2015).

I.e. the ant script calls
lots groovy/gant scripts.

As the developer of gant is not active anymoore I don't think packaging gant in
fedora again is an option.

I'm basically very unsure what build automation tool i should use. As i have
only experience with maven, i can't estimate what they best solution would be. 

Would it make sense to rewrite the intellij build process to use gradle?  As big
parts of the existing build process uses gradle, I __feel__ this could be a
sensible option, because it requires the least amount of changes to the build
process (because gradle uses, like gant, also groovy) => But again, i have no
experience with gant or gradle, therefore i can't decide if my impression makes

What do you think about that?

Thanks, Tobi/toogley
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