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Il 17/07/2016 21:43, Ferry Huberts ha scritto:

But did you even try to consider that the analysis tool has bugs?

My situation clearly proves this.

If I may offer to explain this in the form of a requirement that is either missing or violated:

If a requirement can be satisfied internally within a package then an external dependency must not be created.

we prefer to not bundle (using tools like jarjar, or maven-bundle-plugin e.g. Embed-Dependency, Private-Package we use often <excludeDependencies>true</excludeDependencies>)

My package satisfies all dependencies internally but still external dependencies are created.

this depend if that dependencies use/import in its apis of that external deps
THAT is the real bug.

And it is completely irrelevant that my package contains what Fedora considers non-free binaries.

On 17/07/16 21:11, gil wrote:

Il 17/07/2016 20:10, Ferry Huberts ha scritto:

On 17/07/16 20:02, gil wrote:

Il 17/07/2016 19:18, Ferry Huberts ha scritto:

On 17/07/16 19:15, Ferry Huberts wrote:

On 17/07/16 17:24, gil wrote:

i think of no because gradle use ecj (org.eclipse.jdt:core)

What do you mean?

As I said, the package is self-contained.
I don't want all this analysis.

And I don't build it for Fedora as a whole, I build it for private
deployment so the non-free aspect is not relevant for me.

really? i not interested to talk about pre-built libraries
i think you should close .
if You want use Your Gradle package is only an Your problem
If someone else as the Gradle maintainer has the time or inclination to
"devote" to
you this is still one other question.
Your choice has nothing to do with the problems related to the package
maintained in Fedora.

Wow, that is rather hostile.

You are being openly hostile and I don't understand why.
Is it something I said or did wrong?

I came here because I was referred here from the bug report.

I just want to understand what changed, why the analysis is run and
how I can disable it so that my package builds again like it did before.

If there is some documentation on the changes and/or specifics of the
analysis, then please refer me to it, I'd be happy to read it.

I maintain lots of RPMs I deploy into my network and with clients.
This reaction to my questions is not helping to convince me to
continue doing that.

I'm baffled.

this is not to be hostile or less (in my case not at all) but to be
I offer my apologies if you want to accept
like the advice I've given you so far
as already written not we use some apis because in Fedora are not
acceptable, that is NOT FREE. for which we use alternativie that are
available in our repository. this leads sometimes to have some
inconvenience (for you only)

The spec file is here:

Details are in the bug report, and I was referred here from that

FYI I am an OSGi developer.

i do not care who you are.
best regards

and in the

is listed

and in

use eclipse "osgi" apis (beacuse the OSGi Alliaces libraries arent
free for Fedora)


Il 17/07/2016 17:07, Ferry Huberts ha scritto:
Hi list,

I have a custom gradle RPM that I build since fedora 23.
However, now on Fedora 24 this started pulling in a boatload of
'dependencies' that not actually dependencies since the package is

During the build some kind of osgi dependency analysis is run that
results in all these (fake) dependencies.

Can I turn this analysis off?
It seems to be new in Fedora 24 because I had no such problems in
Fedora 23.

Please also refer to for more
including build logs.

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