Re: unexpected things when building custom gradle RPM

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On 17/07/16 19:15, Ferry Huberts wrote:

On 17/07/16 17:24, gil wrote:

i think of no because gradle use ecj (org.eclipse.jdt:core)

What do you mean?

As I said, the package is self-contained.
I don't want all this analysis.

And I don't build it for Fedora as a whole, I build it for private
deployment so the non-free aspect is not relevant for me.

The spec file is here:

Details are in the bug report, and I was referred here from that report.

FYI I am an OSGi developer.

and in the
is listed

and in

use eclipse "osgi" apis (beacuse the OSGi Alliaces libraries arent non
free for Fedora)


Il 17/07/2016 17:07, Ferry Huberts ha scritto:
Hi list,

I have a custom gradle RPM that I build since fedora 23.
However, now on Fedora 24 this started pulling in a boatload of
'dependencies' that not actually dependencies since the package is

During the build some kind of osgi dependency analysis is run that
results in all these (fake) dependencies.

Can I turn this analysis off?
It seems to be new in Fedora 24 because I had no such problems in
Fedora 23.

Please also refer to for more details,
including build logs.

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Ferry Huberts
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