Re: Is there a good newbie tutorial for jboss under Fedora 23?

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Hi John.

I had the same issue, so I used an excellent tool called fpm. ( ). I am aware of it fallacies.
Here is my wildfly-rpm project:

You use it by calling:
make download package VERSION=9.0.1.Final

you can snoop the versions from either Wildflys github or the Wildfly download page.

It creates an rpm package which:
 - creates a wildly user
 - installs in /opt/miracle/wildfly
- installs 3 systemd service called: wildfly-standalone, wildfly-domain and wildfly-standalone-debug

Packages are available from: .

I hope this can be used as an inspiration.

Best regards
Kresten Kjær

John W. Himpel skrev den 2016-01-19 21:16:
Good afternoon,

In the past, I have done JEE development in a corporate environment (I
was a developer not an admin) and am looking to start my own web site
using JBoss.

I have found several tutorials on installing JBoss, but most do not
assume Fedora packaging.  Would someone be so kind as to point me to a
tutorial (or HOWTO) on installing and starting JBoss on a recent
version of Fedora?

I'm assuming JBoss is the JEE server of choice in Fedora.  If it isn't,
what would be the JEE server of choice?

If this is the wrong list, please excuse my unfamiliarity.  Any
references to a possibly better list, would be appreciated.

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